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Nestled beside a 90-year-old Cottonwood tree, this house sits on a site where the grounds once extended over the next eight lots going South to 1st Avenue and the Denver Country Club.   The original mansion, built by George Berger Sr. in 1914, was demolished in 1964 when a developer bought the property and raised four new houses on three-lot parcels.  Removing the first of the three houses, Walter was imagined to have once graced the 12 lot parcel standing alone. The house incorporates a study, dining room, and family room all oriented to the south with what would once have had views across the property to the Denver Country Club golf course beyond.  The masonry volume of the three-bay garage has carriage doors on the south side where the carriages would have passed through the structure, down a curvy lane before returning out onto Lafayette Street nearer 1st Avenue.  Differing from the grand estate of 1914 which featured mainly elaborate details, Walter’s dominating features are the simplicity and strength seen in the masonry construction and slim-wasted massing.  Walter keeps the room configurations one room deep while merging traffic lanes through the adjacent room volumes. This allows the sunlight to penetrate each space and seep into the living areas throughout the day. Walter borrowed the shelter of the large cottonwood and benefits from the shadows that dance through the house as the sun makes its way across the sky. 

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