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We first met this client at their house where they were seeing their youngest child off to college the year following.   The other two had spent several years there before moving on into the world and our clients were at a place where they were thinking of the next move.  I was invited to come over and sit out back to discuss their thoughts on a new home that would both inspire them and encourage their adult children to want to return on the holidays.  Once out back on their patio, I realized the true purpose of the visit was for me to feel the presence of the high line trail that bordered the property, with the row of native cottonwoods intermixed with a Colorado blue spruce or two, the sense of tranquility and connection to nature while be nestled right into the heart of Greenwood Village.  The existing house was what I refer to as a “revival, revival house”.  The sort that was mass produced in the 70s and 80s and plopped on sites all over the place.  The site we were sitting on was just too good for a production floor plan, and the perfect place for them to reimagine another lease for life along the cottonwoods.  It was agreed to raze the revival revival house and begin their journey back home.   

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