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Mevrou, erected in 1922, was a Landmark Structure which over time had seen many additions and renovations.  The design process began by peeling away the layers and uncovering the original footprint.  The small front staircase located to the north and right off the main entry became an interesting challenge to work through as its location, while original to the structure, was not ideal.  The original 1922 structure dictated the scale of the addition, telling the story from the outside and guiding the interior flow. Beginning from the west living room wall, the new design created the dining, kitchen, and family room areas that more naturally lead into the rest of the home.  The composition resulted in Mevrou being composed of two volumes: a strong, single form of concrete plastered walls remaining from the original more formal structure, contrasted by the exposed brick form of the new addition.  The contrast of original and new structure continues to tell Mevrou’s long story on the interiors as well, displaying beautiful exposed brick and plank boards. The new fireplace mantel was designed based on the original doors Mevrou once sported in 1922 paying homage to the details lost during its lifetime of renovations. 

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