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Perched atop a berm in Denver’s Washington Park Neighborhood, the design idea for this house was to create a “Cotswold Cottage” that would blend seamlessly into the neighborhood.  This was a challenging task because Washington Park is not necessarily known for its Cotswold style architecture, let alone the heavy use of limestone as the primary building material.  What we had going for us was that there two very unique homes on either side, both built in the early 1900’s and both very different in architectural style.  We decided to create a building that would predate the 1920s and 1930s era bungalows that are so prominent in the area and to help our cause, we sourced a local, rubble sandstone whose vein can be seen when traveling just about anywhere along the front range of Colorado and New Mexico.  Drawing from the steep pitched roof lines and clay roof tiles seen the in the villages of the Cotswold’s, while using native stone tells the story of an early homestead where materials were selected from the local hillside and placed to form the walls of this little cottage named Aldwyn.

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