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The idea of this house started with a site visit and a drawing in the dirt with a stick that happened to be laying around.  It was almost like the stick was magic and was waiting for me to pick it up so that it could tell us what needed to be there, or maybe it was already there and we just discovered it?  Nonetheless, on that fateful day, this modern day country house was born and the drawing in the dirt became more and more articulated as the weekly meetings between the clients and myself ensued.  With each visit, the story line became more and more clear.  There was once a colonial revival style frontier house there, with a stable across the yard to the North.  The “original” house being the colonial, masonry form where the front entry resides and the “stable” the other masonry form disguising the garage.  It was imagined that we took over to renovate the old farmstead and in so doing we made the window openings larger, simplified the detailing, and “added” the barn-like structure between the house and garage finishing the overall composition as it can be seen today.  The interiors of Jeritt follow suit and a gentle transition of old and new, history and modern unfold in a playful sophistication that can’t exactly be described in style, only experienced.  And what a great experience it is!

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