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When a house in Denver Country Club went on the market our clients were immediately attracted to the possibility of renovating a Historic Building. We uncovered that the living room volume was once attached to the house south of where Serlio now stands, which was a Fisher and Fisher designed estate from 1908. In the 1980’s the structure was detached from the main house and moved north to where it sits today.  An additional 3000 square feet had been added to the original structure, which meant none of the 3000 sf would be considered Landmark protected.  We observed upon studying the house that the original front volume had the typical 12” thick walls of solid brick with a concrete plaster on the inside and out.  This volume contained the living room on the main floor with two bedrooms above.  By the good graces of our client, it was decided that we would remove the entirety of the building that was added in the 80’s and start over. The new addition was faced with clinker bricks and an applied a smooth plaster finish to match the original structure, thus capturing the depth of the walls and balancing the strength of the old building.  The front entry was our defining architectural feature with cast stone forming a pediment gable and sweeping parapet walls. The original living room volume occupies the front part of the lot with our entry portico becoming the transition from old to new.  Through this transition Serlio was born. 

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