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The initial attraction to the location where Felipe would be born was the lot size and an opportunity for outdoor space for young, athletic children to play.  On our first visit to the site the consideration was to renovate the house that was there.  With several rambling additions and very poor connectivity to the outdoor space, it was determined that the only thing worth saving would be the swimming pool and the detached garage in the far corner of the lot.  Our client had the idea of an H plan, with a large center hall that would bring light through the core of the house and into the basement below.  Working around the existing swimming pool, we scratched out the center hall on a cross axis to the swimming pool and placed a large, fixed pain window to frame the view.  The view is a polite invitation to the outdoor living, but the H plan asks you to enter, and experience the living spaces before gaining access to the pool and landscape that makes this urban oasis so unique.

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