It is our belief that a building should be beautiful in form, before any material ornamentation is applied. Our homes are designed to stand the test of time, getting better with each day. At Chalet, we learn a client’s architectural preference, and create something that will blend seamlessly into its surroundings. We draw heavily from the neighborhood and regional vernacular so that our design takes on a sense of permanence.
The Chalet Architectural Design Team is lead by John Mattingly, Principal Architectural Designer. John’s architectural interests stem back to summers spent in the small mining town of Ouray, Colorado where he was fascinated by the beauty of a pitched, tin clad roof against a steep mountain backdrop, with front porches welcoming walkers by for a brief visit. The buildings of Colorado’s silver towns have long been inspiration for John’s architecture, where texture is drawn in the contrast of old pine boards, and long, federal style windows, the patina of the tin roof, and porches supported by turned posts.
More than anything else, it’s the strong sense of vernacular that the silver towns produce that encourage the Chalet team to dig deeply into each neighborhood vernacular within which they are commissioned to design. Our clients come to us for our ability to translate their individual interests into homes and buildings that are completely original, and yet blend seamlessly into their environment.
We strive to make buildings where both the form and the material use go hand in hand, and relate to the environment around them, like a steep pitched tin roof against a mountain backdrop.